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Aromatherapy Reflexology


Aromatherapy reflexology combines the power of essential oils and reflexology together for maximum benefit.  This is a bespoke treatment and the oils are specially blended for you.

Nurturing and relaxing

Aromatherapy reflexology (Aromareflex) treatments use a carefully selected range of oils that are safe to use but also extremely beneficial.  These treatments also incorporate advanced massage techniques and are extremely nurturing and relaxing.  

Enhance the benefits of  reflexology

Your oils are carefully selected and blended for you to enhance the benefits of your treatment. 

Aromatherapy reflexology can be helpful for stress, exhaustion, hormonal balance, aches and pains, and boosting the immune system. Treatments  also work on an emotional level, helping to lift your mood. and can be blended for use in pregnancy too.  

Use your blend at home

Your blend of oils will be applied throughout your treatment and you will be given your blend in a pot to take with you so that you can continue the benefits of your session at home. 

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