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Reflexology for Stress and Anxiety


 Take time for a little self care with specially adapted reflexology treatments that are designed to help counteract stress and anxiety and restore your wellbeing on every level, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Reflexology relaxes and calms

When you come for reflexology you simply sit back on a comfy couch and enjoy your treatment. Nobody wants your attention - there is absolutely nothing to do except relax. Clients say they feel a deep sense of relaxation during and after their session and many are amazed that something so simple can have such a powerful effect. 

It counters the effects of stress

Reflexology is much more than 'just' relaxation though, it has many positive benefits. Treatments can lift your mood by increasing the release of endorphins, helping you to feel more positive and able to cope with life's challenges.

Reflexology can also improve sleep and boost the immune system to help counter the negative affects of stress on the body.  

Mindful Reflexology

Mindful reflexology uses reflexology techniques which are specially adapted to reduce the effects of stress and calm and rebalance your system. This is combined with mindfulness, positive psychology, relaxation exercises, visualisation and other techniques for a fully holistic approach. You will also receive a relaxing MP3 and resources to use at home. Learn more.


At times, when stress, worry or low mood seem overwhelming you may need an approach that with help you change unwanted thinking patterns, habits and behaviour.  This is where solution focused hypnotherapy can help, learn more

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