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Mindful Reflexology 


These treatments combine calming, expert reflexology with mindfulness and other techniques for a fully holistic approach to stress, anxiety and low mood. 

Benefits your mind and body

We can often feel the impact of stress, anxiety and low mood on all aspects of our health: mental,  physical and emotional. Mindful reflexology is a holistic treatment that considers all of these and uses a combination of therapies to benefit your mind and body and support your entire wellbeing . 

Treatments are uplifting and restorative, helping you to feel healthier, calmer and more positive.

Reflexology and mindfulness

Your session begins with a focus on the mind. We will use techniques from mindfulness, positive psychology, relaxation exercises, visualisation and more. These will be carefully selected and tailored to you and are very enjoyable.

This is followed with calming reflexology, specially adapted to support your immune, endocrine and nervous systems, and aid sleep, digestion and energy.  The reflexology can help to soothe your system, lift your mood and balance out the effects of stress and anxiety on your mind and body.

Continue at home

There are optional resources including mindfulness exercises, psychology techniques, hand reflexology and a relaxing MP3 to listen to,  so that you can continue the benefits of your session at home.  A course of regular sessions is recommended.

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