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Initial Consultation  

£50 (1 hour) / £65 (90 minutes)

Your first reflexology session will include a consultation so that the treatment can be tailored to you. A 90 minute session allows time for a more detailed consultation and a full reflexology treatment, 


Traditional Reflexology

£50 (1 hour)

Traditional reflexology for general wellbeing, health conditions, stress and maintenance treatments. 


Reflexology for Women's Health, Pregnancy, Fertility and Peri/Menopause

£50 (1 hour) 

Specialist reflexology for fertility, pregnancy and menopause. 


Mindful Reflexology

£60 (1 hour) 

Calming reflexology with mindfulness and other techniques for stress, anxiety and low mood. Includes a relaxing MP3 and  resources to use at home.



£75 (90 minutes)

Reflexology combined with aromatherapy oils that are chosen and blended especially for you to enhance your treatment goals. This treatment incorporates advanced massage techniques and you will be given your blend in a pot to take home. 


Mum to Be - £75 (90 minutes)

A wonderful treat for a mum-to-be. Maternity reflexology combined with hypnobirthing. Includes a relaxing MP3 to use at home.


Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing

Initial Consultation - FREE

This is an informal session where you have an opportunity to meet me and find out more about hypnotherapy. We will discuss how you would like help and you can ask questions and decide whether hypnotherapy is right for you. 


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - £60 (1 hour)

A course of 4 sessions £220

Solution focused hypnotherapy for anxiety and related issues. 


Hypnobirthing - £60 (1 hour)

A Hypnobirthing Course of 4 sessions £220

Relaxing and nurturing, hypnotherapy for a calm, confident childbirth. Includes hypnotherapy MP3 and other resources to use at home. A consultation is not needed for hypnobirthing.


Reflexology Creams

Handmade, organic reflexology creams from Flying Wild are used in treatments. These are intensely nourishing and caring for your skin. Each contains a different blend of essential oils and will be individually selected for you. 

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be made out for any amount or treatment and can be emailed or collected in person.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment can be made by all major credit cards or debit cards, cash or bank transfer. Please be aware that 24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel a session, otherwise full cost of the session will be charged. This policy is necessary to ensure fairness to other clients who may need that appointment.

Get in Touch

Find out more or book an appointment.

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