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Reflexology for Pregnancy


Maternity reflexology aims to help your body to be healthy and as comfortable as possible throughout pregnancy and many midwives recommend reflexology. Every pregnancy is different and your sessions will be personalised especially for ​you.

Reflexology encourages wellbeing

Reflexology can support you throughout your pregnancy, increasing your sense of wellbeing. Treatments also help your body get into optimum condition for labour and post-natal reflexology will continue to support you after the birth. 

It supports your body

Aches and pains are common in pregnancy as your growing baby puts pressure on your spine and pelvis. Reflexology can ease this discomfort and help with symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn and fluid retention so you can feel better and enjoy your pregnancy

Reflexology nurtures you and your baby

Your treatment is a time for you to rest and relax, ease any worries and focus just on you and your growing baby. A relaxed mum means a happy baby! This relaxation also aids sleep, so that you feel more refreshed and energised. 

Mum-To-Be Treatments

A treat for mum-to-be and baby with truly holistic maternity care.  These relaxing treatments combine specially adapted maternity reflexology with hypnobirthing techniques to support your wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and help you prepare for a calm, positive birth experience. 

How I Can Help

Working with mums to be is amazing. I have lots of experience in this area and specialist training in Maternity Reflexology and Hypnotherapy for Childbirth. I truly love helping women to enjoy their pregnancy and have a positive birth experience. 

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